Swan 39 racers Mytack or Boebes

The Mytack with Skipper Bart

The Mytack is a real Swan built in 1979. In 2008 she had her second refit. The Swan is known as the Rolls Royce under the yachts.

This Swan 39 ship is however a racing version, therefore less luxury as you might be used to from the Swan designs. There is obviously still a teak and Mahoney cabin space for your jacket to hang correctly.

The Mytack racer has also proven to be a very fast sailor. With his large genua, he often surprises the whole field. Skipper Bart has considerable experience in competition and likes to share his knowledge with the crew for optimal results.

mytack racing yacht sailing ijsselmeer

The Boebes with Skipper Erik

The Boebes is similar design, but without the "flushdeck". It has therefore a bit more comfort inside than its sister ship.

Skipper Erik likes to take good care of its guests and "having fun" is his main priority on board. After all, a good atmosphere means good team spirit to win the race (on handicap)

mytack sailing yacht ijsselmeer

Sailing yacht specifications

  • Type: SWAN 39 (2x)
  • Length: 11,99 m
  • Width: 3,85 m
  • Depth: 2,20 m

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