A waterstart from Pampus with a sea plane

Our historic seaplane from 1942 has been used by the royal navy from 1942-1956, mainly in the far east. This plane used to be in American employment and is currently the only exemplar in Europe.

hire a seaplane for unique company outings around Muiden

The seaplane can carry 15 passengers and if there are more people for your event, we will carry out more flights. At the start you can hear the throbbing engine and with the splashing water, open cockpit and 360 panoramic view over the IJsselmeer, it truly provides for an exhilarating experience.

Spectacular take-off or the historical sea plane

How about a waterstart, flight and landing near Pampus Island, just opposite of Muiden harbor? Or do you prefer to have lunch at one of our locations near the IJsselmeer, followed by a flight over the IJsselmeer, or even passing by your own office? An absolute experience that your guests will talk about for a long time.

See our water event offering "Exclusive Sail & Fly for client hospitality" to see how this seaplane can be used or call us for a customised proposal. We are the water experts and will be able to craft events to suit your specific needs, whether for team building or entertaining at the highest level.

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