IOR two tonner 43 Ft Panta Rhei

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This IOR two tonner racing yacht from 1984 is one of the older racers in the fleet.

With skipper Ben, ex Whitbread around the world racer, the Panta Rhei is still surprisingly competitive that often falls in the prices. Ben, with a lifetime sailing career on the water, likes to share his experience with his guests. In a short amount of time, he will make you feel comfortable and know what to do. He is very fanatic and patient at the same time. He will let his guests sail the boat by themselves, and only interferes if necessary!

wedstrijdzeilen op het IJsselmeer

Sailing yacht specifications

  • Type: IOR Two Tonner
  • Length: 13 m
  • Width: 4 m
  • Depth: 2,40 m
Zeilwedstrijd met de Panta Rhei in Muiden

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