Charter of small seaplane

Do you wish to complement your water event with something truly exhilarating? Why not take your guests up in the air! Participants will be definitely be surprised when a small seaplane will land next to their sailing yacht or RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat).

View from small seaplane View from the seaplane

For groups up to 12 people (and above)

small seaplane Taking turns - three people fit in the seaplane, the other ride the RIB

This small seaplane fits 3 passengers. The other participants can follow the seaplane from the water below (in sailing yacht or RIB).

After a short flight of approximately 15 minutes, the plane will make a water landing to pick up 3 other passengers. This way, we can fly 12 people across the IJsselmeer, within one hour.

For larger groups, we can adjust timings, or we may need to fly with our larger, historic seaplane.

This is a unique experience as it is the only seaplane, together with the historic seaplane, in the Netherlands. The IJsselmeer and its harbours are definitely worth viewing from the air and in 15 minutes you can see a lot. Whilst being up in the air, you could ofcourse take some pictures of your fellow colleagues/guests sailing below on their race yachts, Clipper or RIBs.

view from small seaplane

The pilots are very capable and your safety is their main priority. In case of heavy weather, we will make sure we only board and land in smooth waters. However in the event of high waves, we may need to cancel the event.

A spectacular entrance to your event?

The waterplane can also be used to fly in your special guest, or any other VIP that cannot be missed for a successful event!

small seaplane

Check out our water event offerings. This is just to give you an idea of the activities we can offer. We are the water experts and will be able to craft events to suit your specific needs, whether for team building or entertaining at the highest level.

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